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Why should we hire a consultant to obtain a GSA Schedule?

While it is possible to obtain a GSA Schedule contract without the expertise of the experienced consultants at K&G, companies choose to hire us for a variety of reasons: 
To shorten the project timeline for obtaining a GSA Schedule contract,
To ensure the proposal is complete, accurate and meets all of the requirements of the solicitation,
To free up company resources,
To employ federal business experts to develop a complete marketing strategy,

To ensure that your company is represented by experts before a key federal agency,

To develop the most competitive long-range pricelist

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What role does K&G play once you the contract is awarded? 

K&G prides itself on being a valuable resource for your company beyond the award of your GSA Schedule contract.  In this regard, K&G offers your company a variety of post award services which include contract modifications, market analysis, strategic planning, federal marketing, and GSA contract maintenance training.

What is the process to get on a GSA Schedule?

The first step in getting on a GSA Schedule is to determine which schedule is appropriate for your company based on the products or services your company offers.  Then, the solicitation is downloaded and the proposal process begins.  Your company will need to complete the solicitation, forms, and certifications required by GSA.  The proposal is then submitted to GSA, reviewed, negotiated, and awarded.

Does your company need a GSA Schedule?

If your company wants to sell products and services to the federal government, then the company needs a contracting vehicle.  The GSA Schedule is the most widely used contracting vehicle for the purchase of goods and services by federal agencies.

Is there anyway to expedite this process?

Getting all of the content K&G needs in a timely manner is the fastest way for our company’s 2 week proposal completion guarantee to begin.  In order to expedite the review process once the proposal has been submitted to GSA, your company can have a Letter to Expedite written on your company’s behalf by an interested buyer in a government agency.  This Letter to Expedite will increase the visibility of your proposal over other offers, typically reducing GSA’s review time to less than 6 months.

How long does it take to get a GSA Schedule?

To complete the entire process from development to award, it typically takes over 200 labor hours of a company’s resources.  K&G’s team of GSA Schedule experts cuts down on that time dramatically.  After K&G has all of the content it needs from your company, we will have the final version of the proposal completed within 2 weeks.  After the proposal is submitted to GSA, it can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months for GSA’s contracting officers to review the proposal.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule is a contract that a company has with the United States General Services Administration (GSA).  The contract contains negotiated pricing that enables a company to sell their products or services to any government agency.